Hungry Deer

Bobbex History

Bobbex Deer Repellent was developed in the late 1980s by Robert Ecsedy at his home in Newtown, Connecticut. Mr. Ecsedy (pronounced X-City --Bob X-City becomes Bobbex) was a graduate of University of Bridgeport with a degree in chemistry. He spent many years in sales, representing various industrial chemical companies in support of Northeast manufacturing. Bob’s personal interests revolved around horticulture and gardening; he led the Fairfield Horticultural Society as President for several years. During this time period Bob retired, which allowed him time and his education, training, and passion to develop a product and bring it to market.

Bob Ecsedy continued to plant a large garden with over 300 tomato plants. He used slurry of fish products to more naturally fertilize his crop. He noticed that after using his mixture, deer tended to avoid eating the unfertilized plants. Using his chemistry background, he tinkered with the formulation and made improvements to the repellency and longevity of the product. He then offered the mixture to friends and associates for trial and comment. After receiving high approvals from the test people, he took the product in empty mile containers and sampled local garden centers. From there he founded Bobbex, Inc. with simple objectives:

  • To create a unique product that stops deer damage.

  • Make the product as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Make sure the results would be so impressive that word of mouth would sell the products.

Bob succeeded in meeting his objectives; deer will not browse on plants that have been sprayed with Bobbex. Bobbex, Inc. offers environmentally friendly, all natural solutions for herbivores.

Today, Bobbex, Inc. is a recognized leader in animal repellents, and based on the success of Bobbex Deer Repellent, our continuing research has also created:

  • Bobbex - R Animal Repellent is a spray used to discourage smaller four legged garden pests.

  • Bobbex Rose Deer and Insect Repellent stops deer and insects from ruining your beautiful roses.

  • Bobbex - G Goose Repellent and Lawn Treatment, adds essential trace elements to your soil while deterring geese from grazing.

  • Bobbex - H Anti-Cribbing Spray, safely and effectively discourages horses from cribbing.

*All Bobbex products are exempt from registration with the federal Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA Section 25(b) regulations.

All products are formulated to deter damage caused by these animals. Commercial nurserymen, master gardeners, rose enthusiasts, and thousands of homeowners have relied upon Bobbex to protect their landscapes and plantings for many years.

Bobbex, Inc. is a private, family owned and operated company with products available for sale in the United States and Canada.

With 20 years of direct product use, research, industry feedback, and anecdotal information, our staff has developed a knowledge and understanding of deer patterns and behavior. All of these factors add up to a superior product.