Commercial Repellents

Professional Strength, All-In-One Repellents for Commercial Landscaping Applications.

Commercial Repellents that Work for YOU!

Bobbex Commercial Repellent Formulas provide professional landscapers, caretakers and gardeners with an effective way to protect vegetation from Deer and other pesky herbivores all year round. Designed to deter pests through smell and taste aversion, our Commercial Repellents are created to offer professionals, the longest lasting, most effective and SAFE performance available.

Bobbex Commercial Repellents are GOOD for Your Customer’s Plants!

Formulated from 100 natural, organic ingredients, Bobbex Repellents are NOT pesticides, insecticides or poisons, and in fact will BENEFIT your customer’s plants. Once dried, the clear coating our repellents deliver helps plants maintain moisture during drier conditions, while also introducing organic nourishment to the plant and surrounding environment.

Seasonal Formulas Protect During Growth and Dormant Seasons.

Commercial Bobbex is an all-in-one Repellent available in two formulas that together provide year-round protection from Deer, Rabbits, Groundhogs, Squirrels, Chipmunks, and Voles.

Growth Season Formula provides safe and effective Spring, Summer, and Fall protection. Dormant Season Formula delivers additional adhesion for extended protection during winter months when protecting new growth is not an issue.

Commercial Repellents your Customers Will WANT You to Apply!

Bobbex Repellents offer unmatched performance—AND SAFETY. Our repellents are harmless to humans, and safe for all wildlife, pets, birds, and aquatic creatures. So applying environmentally friendly Bobbex Repellents to protect valuable landscaping and gardens as an additional service that new and existing clients will gladly welcome!

Commercial Sales Information and Terms:
Prices: All prices are subject to change without notice. This price list supersedes all previous price lists. Prices shown do not include freight charges.
Terms: Net 30 Days. Commercial sizes are not eligible for money back guarantee.
Freight: Customers must be able to accept a tractor trailer and be able to unload drums or totes with a forklift. FOB Monroe, Connecticut, freight charges will be prepaid and added to the invoice.
Growth Season Commercial Bobbex
Reliable protection during Spring, Summer, & Fall.
Dormant Season Commercial Bobbex
Extended protection during the Winter.

Bobbex Deer, Rabbit & Small Animal Repellent
Size/Description Case Pack Coverage*
Half Gallon Concentrated Spray 6 20,000 SQ FT
2.5 Gallon Concentrated Spray 2 100,000 SQ FT
5 Gallon Concentrated Spray 1 200,000 SQ FT
55 Gallon Drum 1 2,200,000 SQ FT
250 Gallon Tote 1 9,600,000 SQ FT

*Coverage may vary depending upon quality,size, and density of plant material. Bobbex products are for the protection of outdoor plants only.

Also Available!
Bobbex-G Goose Repellent in Commercial Application Sizes.
Bobbex-G Goose and Waterfowl Repellent is available to professionals in economical 55  gallon drums—a cost-effective way to deter and end Goose infestations.

Bobbex-G, Goose & Waterfowl Repellent
Size/Description Case Pack Coverage*
5 Gallon Concentrated Spray 1 200,000 SQ FT
55 Gallon Drum 1 2,200,000 SQ FT

*Coverage may vary depending upon quality,size, and density of plant material. BOBBEX Products are for the protection of outdoor plants only