Praise for Bobbex:

Bobbex is definitely keeping the deer at bay. The YGA is delighted with how the gardens look this summer and we know it is because of your product. The Yaddo gardens receive over 30,000 visitors yearly and it is heartwarming to hear their lovely comments about how beautiful the gardens are this year.  Barbara Hefter, Yaddo Garden Association

Amazing product!!  

Bobbex is the only thing I've used in the 20 years I've lived in PA that works!!
Awesome!!...  I have been using this product now for 6 years and it works great! I have herds that move through my property, 6 acres, mostly wooded, and probably 200 hosta's and they leave them alone. I even sprayed some on a couple spruce trees that they like to walk by and eat a branch. Thank you very much BOBBEX.

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Keep Spraying Bobbex

this Fall! 

The Proven Most Effective Deer Repellent on the Market.

The seasons may change, but deer and small animals will not change their habits.  Keep spraying Bobbex this fall and give your costly plantings a fighting chance!




Use Bobbex-R as a Bulb Dip and protect Wintering Bulbs from Burrowing Herbivores

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