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  • Send the deer running this winter
    Send the Deer Running 
      This Winter
  • Spray Bobbex-R Small Animal Repellennt Year-Round
  • Deer eating evergreen
    Don't Stop Spraying!
  • crocus in snow
    Think Spring!

Proven Most Effective Deer Repellent!

Think a tall fence is the only sure thing to keep deer out of your landscape? Think again. Testing by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station revealed Bobbex Deer Repellent to be more effective than nine other commercial deer repellents in the marketplace (including coyote urine), and gave it a 93 percent protection index, second only to a fence at 100 percent.

Made from a combination of ingredients that blends the scents of putrescent eggs, garlic, fish, clove oil, and vinegar (among other things), it works by mimicking predator scents, and is classed as a fear repellent. It also tastes awful, so deer have at least two reasons to avoid it. Bobbex can be applied in almost any climate or temperature and will not wash off after heavy rain, it dries clear and will not burn plant material. Bobbex is environmentally friendly, using all natural ingredients.